Our company was founded in 2018 in the German shipping hotspot Leer. From here we plan, coordinate and supervise projects all around the world. Our strong focus is on the transport of large and heavy cargoes, be sea, by air or by land.

We will make your project a success!

To do that we analyze and plan every detail of the operation. Our main objective is to deliver safe and commercially successful results.

Roland Barow, the founder of the company, started his career as a seaman. Starting as a ship-mechanic, he obtained his Master license in 2010. After that he worked as co-owner for a lashing and welding company and already offered survey and port captain services.

In 2018 he founded RB Maritime & Industrial Solutions GmbH to focus on the survey and Portcaptain services, as well as on the planing of exceptional transports.

Having worked in the project marked for over a decade, Roland Barow has a wide field of expertise with a deep knowledge of all sorts of out of gouge cargoes. This includes windmill equipment, generators, oil and gas equipment, cranes, and many more.